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             To have the best parties. You have to party Full Bore!
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Party catering services:
Our service offers anything from main courses only to more elaborate options.

Catering services can be designed for your individual party needs.

Back yard theater parties!
(subject to weather and outdoor light factors)

Here are a few events to consider:

Kids events

Family movie nights

Family reunions

NASCAR - Night races

Xbox gaming parties


Or any other reason you can think of.

Back yard theater packages!

Available with or without catering services

Yes, as well as our succulent main courses we are offering
home theater packages.

Imagine enjoying our awesome
BBQ meals with your family and/or guests.
Now imagine you are watching your favorite movie or sporting events
in the privacy of your own back yard!

on a Monster size 16' movie screen!

No food needed, Not a problem
Just contact us to see if that special date you are looking for is available A small deposit secures your back yard theater party date

Our outdoor theater system is centered around a 16 foot diagonal screen. That's 192 inches folks!

This is a full framed standing screen and not the noisy inflatable type.

Sound is provided by two powered PA speakers elevated for the best sound dispersal.