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Here you will find a collection of questions you may need answers to before you contact us for your party date
If there is something we missed please contact us 716-860-2703

Question: What do I need to supply as a customer.

Answer: For back yard theater parties we require the use of an out door 120v outlet. 

You will need an area big enough to set up our system. The screen needs an area 24 feet wide and at least 10 feet deep and 10 feet overhead. Our projector will need to be 20 feet from the screen for the full 16 Foot picture

If we are streaming video for you, you will need a Wi-Fi network capable of reaching your designated viewing area.

If we are showing a DVD movie you will need the DVD.

And of course seats for your guests. (we are working on extra seats at this time)

Question: What if we are having you cater as well

Answer: We will supply the food, plates, utensils as well as cups for your required party.

At this time beverages are up to you to supply (negotiable at time of booking)


Question: Home theater? What happens if the weather looks bad on our scheduled night

Answer: If it looks like there will be rain on your movie night there are two options.

We can reschedule your date

Or we can provide a 10' x 20' shelter for your guests if you like. Our screen is waterproof and we have an enclosure to keep our video unit safe. speakers will be moved under the tent as well.